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10 ideas for beautiful (and smartly priced) destinations abroad

10 ideas for beautiful (and smartly priced) destinations abroad

Do you dream of traveling to the other side of the world without breaking the bank? It's possible. Discover this ranking of 10 of the cheapest destinations in the world.

The website Skyscanner , which compares the price of flights, hotels and car rentals around the world, has unveiled its Top 10 cheapest countries in the world in 2017. For this, the comparator is based on the average prices of a pint of beer, a meal in a cheap restaurant, 5 kilometers by taxi, a double room in a 3-star hotel and the cost of living compared to France. But beware, the price of the plane ticket has not been taken into account in this ranking .

So tell yourself that the further the country is, the more the ticket is likely to cost. Likewise, the site has not taken into account all the costs you will incur while traveling. However, this ranking is fairly representative of the average cost of living in the countries listed below.

1 - India

India is the cheapest destination in the world according to the Skyscanner ranking which, as a reminder, is based on the average prices of a pint of beer, a meal in a cheap restaurant, 5 kilometers by taxi, a double room in a 3-star hotel and the cost of living compared to France. But not the plane ticket. To avoid paying the high price, it is better to book your tickets in advance by going to a flight comparator . Despite this, you will still need to count around 500 € for the round trip.

The Taj Mahal, the Golden Temple, the tomb of Humayun, … India does not lack monuments or historical places to visit. If you are more interested in its gastronomy, you should also know that it is possible to enjoy a good meal there for less than 2 €. However, plan the stages of your stay in advance because India is the 7th largest country in the world. You will therefore not be able, a priori, to visit everything. According to Skyscanner, a budget of €20 per day is enough to live there like a king.

2 - Sri Lanka

10 Ideas for Magnificent Destinations (and at Smart Prices) at

Still little frequented by tourists, this South Asian country is the ideal place to enjoy your vacation at low cost. Between its beaches, its mountains and its breathtaking landscapes, Sri Lanka does not lack resources to impress tourists. With 35 € per day, you will have plenty to enjoy. Take advantage of it quickly because the country welcomes an increasing number of tourists every year, which is likely to increase the prices.

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3 - Bulgaria

If you don't want to go to the end of the world, try Bulgaria. Between swimming in the Danube and the palaces of Sofia, its capital, this southeastern European country is full of historic places. You can also visit its countryside to experience local life. And for gourmets, it is possible to discover its culinary traditions for only 5 €.

4 - Bolivia

Are you eager for new adventures? Welcome to Latin America, and more specifically to Bolivia. As much to say it right away: if you are looking for breathtaking landscapes, Bolivia is for you. In particular, you can contemplate the Salar de Uyuni, a huge salt lake, or the ruins of Tiwanaku. Life is really cheap since its cost is half as expensive there as in France.

5 - Vietnam

Between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is full of historic cities to discover with friends or family. In terms of landscapes, you will also be spoiled for choice. Between its green plains and its rocky peaks, Vietnam has more contrasting landscapes than each other. As for the cost of living, the country is really not expensive. For example, a pint of beer costs, on average, only 50 cents. To be consumed in moderation of course!

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6 - Hungary

Hungary is not increasingly frequented by tourists for nothing. Castles, monuments, churches, … You will find heaps of places likely to plunge you back into the meanders of history. Also, if you want to go out at night to party, know that Budapest is one of the most festive cities in Europe. It attracts the big names in electronic music in particular.

7 - Cambodia

The temples and landscapes of Cambodia are sure to amaze you. If you like adventure, you can also explore the giant medieval cities discovered under the jungle of Angkor. In short, this Southeast Asian country has no shortage of great places to visit. As for accommodation, you can find a double room in a 3-star hotel from just €20. What else?

8 - Honduras

Very authentic and very beautiful, the small country of Central America will undoubtedly seduce you. But beware, it is also one of the countries with the highest crime rate in the world. So don't stray too far off the beaten track. In terms of the cost of living, going to Honduras is really a good deal since it is possible to enjoy it with less than 25 € per day.

9 - Greece

The Acropolis, the Parthenon, Mount Olympus,… Greece is certainly one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It owes it in particular to its history which goes back to antiquity but not only. Indeed, you can also discover its islands, each as magnificent as the next. From Paros to Mykonos, Greece has a total of between 1,200 and 6,000 islands depending on the criteria used. When it comes to nightlife, the country is no exception. Take advantage of it because Greece is not far away and the average cost of living there is 28% lower than in France.

10 - Argentina

The country that closes this ranking is Argentina. It is a country with diverse and varied landscapes. Between its plains of Patagonia and Ushuaia which is located on the edge of the world, you will experience a real change of scenery. One thing is certain: it will be difficult for you to return to your daily life after this. With a maximum budget of €35 per day, you will have more than enough to make the most of this superb country.

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