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Fighting Seasickness: Solutions for Smooth Sailing

Fighting Seasickness: Solutions for Smooth Sailing

Many people experience the unpleasant feeling of seasickness when at sea. Unfortunately, this can ruin a perfect sailing experience and leave you feeling nauseous and disoriented.

Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to combat seasickness and enjoy your time on the water.

Read on to find out what steps you can take to stay comfortable while browsing.

1- Identify the source of your discomfort

The first step to combating seasickness is understanding why it is showing up in the first place.

According to research conducted by Dr. Peter Goadsby of the University of California, San Francisco, most cases of seasickness are caused by a conflict between two different sensory systems : the visual system, which perceives movement through vision, and the vestibular system, which senses movement through balance.

When these two systems are at odds (for example, when the boat is pitching but your eyes are telling your brain that everything is still), your body feels seasick.

Fighting Seasickness: Solutions For Sailing

2- Strategies to fight motion sickness

Once you've identified the source of your discomfort, there are several strategies you can use to combat motion sickness.

  1. - Avoid triggers like strong smells or excessive heat
  2. - Stay hydrated and eat light meals before hitting the water
  3. - Try ginger tea or ginger candies before or during your trip - ginger has been shown to reduce symptoms of nausea in some people
  4. - Wear a wristband that puts pressure on certain points on your arm - this helps restore the balance between your sensory systems so they are once again in tune with each other
  5. - Do not read while browsing - this can lead to further confusion between your visual and vestibular systems
  6. - Take breaks throughout your trip - if possible, try to get up from time to time, as this will help temporarily rebalance your sensory systems
  7. Wear anti-nausea goggles against motion sickness. These clever glasses work by tricking the brain and re-synchronizing it with sight so that journeys are peaceful. Brilliant, and too bad for the look!

    Fighting Seasickness: Solutions For Sailing


By understanding the causes of seasickness and applying simple strategies, such as avoiding triggers, staying hydrated, eating light meals, trying ginger tea or candy, using arm pressure point bracelets and taking breaks throughout the voyage, sailors will be better equipped with techniques that will allow them to enjoy their voyages without being affected by seasickness.

In short, following these suggestions will make all the difference in ensuring that every trip is a smooth sailing experience!

Let us inspire you for your next trip!

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