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Hiking: How to choose the right equipment?

Hiking: How to choose the right equipment?

Hiking is a growing hobby.

Indeed, it is a sporting activity that can be practiced by all: young and old, sporty or not, healthy or sick. Each year, thousands of enthusiasts embark on the adventure and equip themselves to prepare their routes.

Equipment is crucial for a hike.

It can take many forms, such as hiking clothes, hiking shoes, hiking food, hiking containers, walking sticks or backpacks.

Equipment items are designed specifically to meet your needs. So make sure you choose the right gear if you're going for a hike.

For those who don't know what it is, equipment is a set of materials used to ensure your comfort and safety.

Among them are:

1. Hiking shoes
2. The backpack
3. The first aid kit
4. GPS
5. Clothes
6. Complete hardware

Hiking: How to choose the right equipment?

The gear you choose depends on your hiking experience, level of training, ability, personality, etc.

It can be used for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping or nature.

One of the articles that we particularly like is the heated jacket

This article aims to help you choose the equipment you will need for your next hike. Equipment can be of several types and they are all very important.

But, in this article, I will only present the equipment that you will need on the outward and return journey of your hike.

Hiking shoes have been designed specifically to absorb shock and keep your feet dry in the cold and the rain.

You should choose hiking shoes with cushioned soles , with a lace-up closure for more comfort.

Pay attention to the size of your shoes. It is important that you choose shoes that fit you perfectly. In the markets, they are sold in different sizes (35, 36, 37). Please try them before you buy them.

Backpacks are very important for hiking. You will need to choose a spacious backpack that will allow you to carry the equipment and materials you will need.

Before choosing your backpack, try it out. It is important that the backpack is comfortable . It should be adjusted to your size so that you have more freedom of movement.

Hiking poles are essential and can help reduce fatigue and cushion shocks. Trekking poles with a handle are more useful than poles without a handle, and they can be easily attached to your backpack. Poles are also available in different lengths, depending on the terrain (hard, wet, rocky).

If you plan on canoeing , you may need both a two-handed paddle and a one-handed paddle.

The paddles are available in different lengths and shapes. When choosing your paddle, make sure you have good balance and that your paddle fits snugly. You should have no problems doing rotational movements.

Hiking: How to choose the right equipment?

If you're going to be skiing or snowboarding , choose shoes made for sliding. Shoes should fit your foot. You should try on different shoes before deciding which is the best fit for your foot. You should also choose a shoe suitable for snow.

If you are going to be skiing, you might need a reflective system to keep you visible when skiing at night.

Depending on the activity you have chosen, you may need gloves , a hat or a cap . Always check the temperature and time before performing your activity. Some ski and snowboard equipment may also be required.

If you plan to ride a bike , choose a pair of cycling shoes with a non-slip sole that is suitable for your type of use. You should also have a helmet to protect your head.
For most winter sports, you may need protective gear. Make sure you have what you need to protect yourself while practicing your activity.

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Find our lists of equipment for hiking and camping

Let us inspire you for your next trip!

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