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Men's bag: our advice for choosing and carrying it?

Men's bag: our advice for choosing and carrying it?

Are you looking for a men's bag to carry your belongings? Are you looking for the ideal bag? We provide you with a complete and detailed guide that will allow you to choose and carry a men's bag. We wrote this guide in collaboration with professionals passionate about accessories and men's fashion.

Why are saddlebags a timeless fashion accessory?

Saddlebags are an accessory that is both timeless and modern. For centuries, both women and men have used these small handbags to carry their treasures and personal items. Saddlebags are considered an essential fashion accessory today, and for good reason!

Wearing a men's bag: what advice and tips?

Saddlebags are practical and functional accessories for daily use. They are very easy to use and can be worn both in town and in natural places. The Satchel is a fashion accessory with a style that is both timeless and modern that can be worn every day and all seasons . We give you some tips for choosing and carrying a men's satchel.

tips for choosing a bag

Measure the length of your arm

The first step in choosing a men's satchel is to measure your arm length . With this measurement, you can easily identify the size of pannier that is right for you. Indeed, unless the strap is adjustable, it is best to choose a handbag that does not exceed the length of your forearm.

Also think about your comfort

A shoulder strap is good, but with a small honeycomb pad, it's better! Especially when you have to wear it for a long time and regularly, and when it's loaded with notebooks, binders or a computer. In this case, pay particular attention to the quality of the strap and the comfort it offers.

satchel by will smith

A bag must be practical!

It must have several pockets and compartments to store your essentials and to access them easily. Some must be easy to access, outdoors especially if you travel with them.

The different styles of bags

Men's briefcases come in different styles.

The small bag or flat bags

The small bag is perfect for carrying your smartphone, wallet and keys. It is extremely practical since it allows you not to clutter up your pockets and to keep your objects close at hand.

small leather bag

The leather men's bag

To display an elegant image, opt for the classic leather satchel. The models of black or brown leather bags are very popular with men who want to show that they know how to be elegant. The black leather men's saddlebags are both stable and strong. You can store all your valuables here, including your laptop or tablet.

The Holster bag

The Holster bag is a men's bag that has a very sleek design. It is designed to be worn on the shoulder, it is placed on the side, slightly raised, like a holster, which allows you to easily access your belongings and keep them close to your body in complete safety. If you like the military style, this bag is made for you! It is also ideal for travelling.

holster bag

The sporty men's bag

If you are sporty, the sports bag is made for you! It is ideal for men who want to carry their sports gear and the accessories necessary for a sporting activity. It often has an expandable pocket to carry excess gear. They are usually made of waterproof material to keep things dry. There are practical and economical sports bags, but can also be high-end sports bags of high quality.

The banana bag

The banana bag is also known as a banana or flat bag. It is a bag that allows you to carry wallets, passports, mobile phones, or any small object. The design is original because the bag is placed at the level of the belt, and not on the sides, unlike other models. On the practical side, nothing to say, This makes access to your personal effects very easy. On the other hand, on the aesthetic side, for those who feel concerned by this aspect, unless you choose an ultra-flat model, you risk losing a few points.

travel fanny pack

Travel bags

Travel bags are large bags equivalent to small backpacks, to carry your vacation belongings. They are used by travelers by plane, train or car. These panniers are more spacious than classic panniers, and can be the ideal travel companion for your trips.

buck travel bag

Anti-theft bags

They are also large satchel with all the openings facing you. So that no discreet outside access is possible without touching you directly. These anti-theft bags also sometimes offer a reinforced closure with a combination padlock.

anti-theft bag

The laptop bag

There are laptop bags that are dedicated to protecting the PC. There are models that are more functional than others. The most practical is the one with a compartment for a PC, and sometimes also for a tablet. It is advisable to choose a good quality laptop bag, which protects the computer well from dust, and especially shocks. Most of the time laptop bags are equipped with a locking system to prevent theft of the PC.

Vintage laptop bag

Briefcase or messenger bag

A shoulder briefcase is the ideal bag for men who go to the office or who need to carry their laptop or tablet. You can store all your valuables here, including your laptop or tablet. The messenger bag is ideal if you don't need to carry a lot of things with you.

Briefcase Briefcase

The leg bag

Increasingly widespread, it dates back centuries. It is very practical when traveling or during certain sports activities such as mountaineering or rock climbing.

leg bag

Which material to choose? Choose the right material for your bag

Today, handbags are available in different materials: genuine leather, synthetic leather, oilcloth or jute, etc. The material of your handbag should match your personality and expectations.

Leather bags, timeless:

Leather is an aesthetic material that combines comfort, flexibility, robustness and lightness.

Canvas and cotton bags:

Cotton and canvas are natural materials that wear easily while resisting damage. They are lighter and more flexible. They are very often used to give a military or vintage style to your hand luggage.

Quality leatherette:

There are very beautiful synthetic leather bags that have a stunning finish, both in terms of resemblance to leather and in terms of solidity.
Although they won't last as long as a genuine leather satchel. It's an excellent choice for those who like saddlebags and don't want to break the bank by changing them more regularly.

Which men's bag to choose according to his style of dress?

For a sportswear look:

You prefer a fairly large handbag, you can opt for models in leather or imitation leather. Do not hesitate to choose a handbag with a large outside pocket.

For a casual look:

Leather is also worth the detour in the case of a more casual style. A leather satchel with chain-like finishes and aesthetic details is ideal. Your bag will need to be large enough to hold all of your personal belongings.

For a business look:

The leather satchel is also ideal for a more formal style. In order not to be too casual, opt for a relatively classic model, with simple finishes and noble materials. Leather always looks very professional.

For a rock look:

For a rock look, leather is the best choice, but faux leather saddlebags also have their place in this trend.

Which men's bag to choose according to your budget?

For a budget of less than €50:

Leatherette, polyester or cotton saddlebags are ideal for this type of budget. The finishes are coarser but the price remains affordable. These are materials that hold up well.

For a budget between €50 and €150:

It is advisable to opt for leather bags. Leather is a noble material that will last over time. It is also quite durable and can be maintained easily. The finishes are a little more elaborate.

leather satchel for men

For a budget over €150:

It's time to start buying a genuine leather bag and not imitation leather. Genuine leather is a very real luxury for men who want to indulge themselves. You should know that the quality of the leather will determine its resistance. The thicker the leather, the more resistant the bag will be.

For what occasions can you wear a satchel, and with what?

Leather bags are an essential male accessory. They can accompany any man in any situation. You can pair them with a suit or jeans, it will depend on your style of dress.

Can they be combined with all kinds of clothes?

Yes, you can pair them with all kinds of clothes. You can wear a leather satchel with ripped jeans, a shirt and a leather jacket. You can also wear a leather satchel with a beige suit. You can even choose a leather satchel for a wedding or for commuting to work.

what to wear with a bag?

How and with what to wear a men's bag?

When it comes to choosing a men's bag, there are no rules to follow. You can wear it with any type of clothing, but it goes particularly well with a casual outfit. However, to go to work or for a business meeting, we generally prefer black or brown leather bags.

For leather saddlebags, we can say that there are no contraindications. However, if you decide to match your satchel to your outfit, it is better to choose a leather satchel in a light color, which will contrast with the color of your shirt or your suit.

Finally, to carry it, you can put it on the shoulder or slip it by hand.

Men's bag: for what purpose?

Leather panniers are ideal for carrying important documents or fragile items. They can also follow you on long journeys.


The first thing to look for when buying a bag is the quality of the material . For a leather satchel, you need to find a hard, smooth skin to make sure it has been treated. This means that it must be resistant to humidity, shocks, bad weather and time.

But there are other criteria to consider before making your choice. You must check the strength of the closures , the quality of manufacture and the finish . The seams must be perfectly well done, without burrs or scuffs.

Ideally you should be able to wash it or at least know the maintenance instructions.

Conclusion :

It is important to choose a bag that suits you in terms of material, use, shape and color.

If you like saddlebags, we hope your favorite model will be part of our selection. And if among the models that we have presented to you, there is one that you particularly like, do not hesitate to buy it. You have 30 days to change your mind . It will accompany you for years and you will not regret your purchase.

Let us inspire you for your next trip!

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