Our tips for booking your holiday at a smart price

Our tips for booking your holiday at a smart price

Saving money on your vacation spot is one thing, saving money beforehand is another. Here's how to book your vacation smartly.

It's almost summer vacation! Like most French people, you are probably already choosing your destination or comparing prices. You're probably telling yourself that between plane tickets and rentals, it's going to be difficult not to blow your vacation budget. Rest assured, just by booking your trip intelligently, you will be able to save valuable money. It's all in the method. We explain to you.

Use a price comparison

Using a price comparator is the basis. Whether it is to book your plane or train tickets, to find a cheap hotel or to rent a car, price comparators will greatly help you save money. By going to Opodo.fr or Liligo.fr for example, you will find the best offers of the moment. So don't wait any longer!

Delete your browser history

A little-known tip. By deleting your browser history before your searches or by using private browsing, you will come across lower prices than normal. Strange, isn't it? How to explain this phenomenon ? Well, it's simple. Airlines and rental sites recognize you by the IP address of your computer or smartphone. They therefore know when you carry out the same searches several times, which often happens when planning your holidays. In order to put pressure on you to buy your ticket as soon as possible, they therefore increase the prices. Result: you tell yourself that you have to hurry to get a good deal before it's too late and you fall into the trap.

Check the offers at the right time

Did you also know that most flight ticket bundles go live overnight between Tuesday and Thursday? It is therefore at this time that you will have the best chance of finding discounted flights!

Take your time (but too much)

The best way to save money? Take the time to research and compare offers. But be careful, taking your time does not mean booking at the last minute. To help you, TripAdvisor, a site where customers can give their opinion on tourist establishments, has published the calendar of the best times to book your hotel according to the destination. As surprising as it may seem, we learn in particular that:

  • For a hotel in Asia, it is possible to achieve savings of up to 22% by booking your holiday five weeks in advance
  • For a hotel in a European tourist city, it's the same thing. At least, for the month of August.
  • For New York, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Miami and Philadelphia, savings can be made by booking just one month in advance
  • For the rest, it is advisable to do it more in advance if you do not want to pay the high price.

Up to you !

Let us inspire you for your next trip!

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