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Purchasing a Delsey Paris Travel Bag: Quality and Durability

Purchasing a Delsey Paris Travel Bag: Quality and Durability

Did you know that Delsey has been a French luggage manufacturer of international stature since 1946?

With its growing range of innovative products and services, Delsey is one of the most trusted names in travel. Moreover, they sell an average of 3 million pieces of luggage per year.

In this blog post, we'll explore the world of the Delsey brand, quality testing protocols for their products, manufacturing sites, and their commitment to recycling materials.

Durability and quality tests

Delsey emphasizes the quality of its products. They carry out extensive testing at all stages of production to ensure that each item meets the highest standards.

All components are tested for durability and strength to ensure maximum protection for your belongings while traveling. To ensure lightness without sacrificing strength, they use tamper-evident closures that keep your belongings safe while traveling without adding extra weight to your luggage.

Purchase Of Travel Bag Delsey Paris: Quality And Durability

Production sites

Delsey produces its bags at two main sites, in China and Cambodia, which guarantees quality and efficiency in full compliance with ethical standards.

The company has strict rules in place regarding working conditions, wages and overtime pay, which ensures workers are paid a fair wage for their work.

This means consumers can rest assured that their purchases have been produced ethically from start to finish.

Purchase Of Travel Bag Delsey Paris: Quality And Durability

Collection of recycled materials

Delsey takes sustainability seriously by using 100% recycled materials for some of its luggage. This helps reduce environmental impact while providing high quality products that last through years of travel adventures!

By using recycled materials, Delsey is able to create a better world while reducing the costs associated with producing new materials from scratch.

Conclusion :

At Delsey, innovation doesn't stop at product development - it also extends to customer service!

Whether it's quality testing protocols, ensuring manufacturing sites meet ethical standards, or using recycled materials in production, they strive to provide travelers with reliable, made with respect for people and the environment!

So if you're looking for a reliable rental service provider or just want durable luggage options, look no further than Delsey!

With their commitment to innovation and sustainability, you can trust them for your travels!

All about Delsey news

- Delsey is a French brand founded in 1946, today distributed in 110 countries.

Delsey, this emblematic French brand, was born in 1946 and has since risen to the rank of essentials in the world of luggage throughout the world. Thanks to a unique know-how combining quality, robustness and innovative design, Delsey has conquered the hearts of globetrotters in 110 countries, making it a true ambassador of French chic.

Each Delsey product is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding travellers, while providing an exceptional user experience. The brand is proud of its vision based on innovation and elegance, which allows it to stand out in the competitive luggage market and assert its position as the undisputed leader.

As a friendly expert, I urge you to discover for yourself the quality and distinction of Delsey products that will make your next trip an even more enjoyable and stylish experience.

- The brand offers an innovative suitcase rental service, at prices ranging from 29 to 49 euros, with home delivery for an additional 15 euros.

The holidays are approaching and you are looking for a practical solution to easily carry all your essentials on your next adventure? The brand now offers you an innovative suitcase rental service to meet your needs.

Offering competitive prices between 29 and 49 euros, this solution allows you to control your budget while enjoying a quality product. To make your life easier, you can also opt for home delivery, which will only cost you an additional 15 euros.

This exclusive offer will ensure that you are fully equipped for your travels, without having to weigh you down when you return, all thanks to expert and personalized service.

So don't hesitate any longer and adopt this new way of traveling with complete peace of mind!

- Delsey products are renowned for their strength, lightness and tamper-proof closures.

Delsey products are synonymous with quality and innovation in the world of luggage. As a friendly expert, I want to point out that their items stand out for their exceptional strength, lightness and tamper-proof closures.

This perfect combination of features ensures a hassle-free trip, protecting your belongings optimally.

Whether you're going away for a weekend or an extended stay, Delsey products will meet your needs and your on-the-go lifestyle, while providing a hassle-free and safe travel experience.

Opting for Delsey luggage is choosing confidence, elegance and performance.

- Tests carried out on the products include multiple drops from heights, jolts on the handles and the rolling of the suitcases over long distances.

When determining which delsey travel bag to take with you on tour, you need to make sure it can handle the rigors of airport transportation.

It must be able to withstand multiple drops from different heights and not break when shaken by its handles or rolled over long distances.

When reviewing delsey travel bags, make sure all product testing has been done so you know your travel bag will keep all of your belongings safe throughout your trip.

- Products are mainly produced in China, Cambodia, and there are plans to repatriate production to Europe in the future.

Ah, the production of goods, what a fascinating subject! It looks like we have a little globetrotter on our hands, with our products traveling between China, Cambodia and soon Europe. Next stop,

Paris ? Who would have thought that one day our goods would have such a comprehensive passport?

You could almost imagine our products taking a selfie at the Great Wall of China, then enjoying a barbecue next to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, before lounging in a Parisian café in Europe.

Sounds like a hopeful and fun relocation plan for our dear products, right? Ah, the good life of a consumer good!

- A wide range of luggage items - such as soft suitcases, backpacks and waterproof bags - made from 100% recycled materials are sold worldwide.

Are you a seasoned traveler looking for responsible and eco-friendly luggage for your adventures around the world? I myself have discovered a wide range of luggage items made from 100% recycled materials, which perfectly combine functionality and durability.

Whether it's soft suitcases, backpacks or waterproof bags, each of these travel accessories is designed to withstand the vagaries of travel while reducing our environmental footprint.

This eco-friendly luggage is not only sold worldwide, but is also an attractive option for anyone who wants to travel in a more sustainable way.

So embark on your next adventure knowing you've made an eco-friendly choice for transporting your belongings.

- The company is striving to be more eco-responsible by using more recycled plastics and reducing the weight of suitcases by 50%.

Delsey takes a big step towards respecting the environment with its eco-friendly delsey travel bag. By using more recycled plastics, this bag reduces its impact on the environment while reducing suitcase weight by up to 50%.

This allows users to not have to worry about carrying heavy suitcases while having a lasting impact on the environment.

Additionally, Delsey emphasizes convenience and comfort with a range of features, including a 10-year warranty, retractable handle and wheel system, plus lightweight construction that ensures comfortable travel for the child. user, regardless of the distance or duration of the trip.


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