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The evolution of business travel since the health crisis

The evolution of business travel since the health crisis

Business travel still represents an essential part of the tourism sector in France (20%), and given the resulting high per capita emissions, it becomes more important than ever for companies to take into account the environmental impact. of their business trips.

The pressure is certainly strong; a reduction in the annual number of business trips would demonstrate respect for natural resources and at the same time reduce costs.

Businesses should look to take advantage of new technologies such as video conferencing or webinars to reduce the need for physical meetings, while ensuring that any necessary travel has been planned as part of an overall business sustainability strategy. business.

With careful assessment and planning, businesses can operate efficiently while demonstrating responsibility to our environment.

Business travel in France has become less and less eco-responsible, due to its heavy reliance on air travel and short stays in hotels or other services offered by the hospitality industry.

Companies can take steps to reduce their annual travel by adopting more sustainable business travel practices, such as virtual meetings instead of face-to-face meetings or multi-day business trips instead of day trips, when possible.

Additionally, companies should also consider carpooling where possible, instead of relying solely on air travel for business travel in France.

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