7 tips for choosing the right vintage backpack

7 tips for choosing the right vintage backpack

A good vintage backpack is part of the essential luggage for any self-respecting traveler, but not only. On a daily basis, he is also there to accompany you to work, school or college. Its style, its material, its capacity, are all necessary criteria to make the right choice.

Precisely, we have selected 7 of them which we believe are the most important. Let's go ?


We're not going to lie to each other, even if it's the most practical backpack in the world, if it's ugly or just not to your liking, you'll only wear it if you have to ( ... and maybe even, forced!)

The style of your vintage backpack is therefore essential, and depends above all on you! Vintage chic, like a traveler from the 50s? Or rather a vintage adventurer style à la Indiana Jones?


The capacity is, in our opinion, the 2nd most important point. Even if our backpack is beautiful, if we can't put anything in it, what's the point?

For daily use a volume of 20 liters should allow you to meet most of your needs. For a stay or a weekend opt for larger, 30 liters seems to us a good compromise weight/capacity.


You will often have to choose between reinforced waxed canvas with aged effect or soft crazy horse leather, which requires no maintenance.

Some models combine the 2 materials with great rendering!


Another very important point is sturdiness! The most important points to check when buying a vintage backpack are:

  • The seams of the shoulder straps must be reinforced.
  • The bottom of the bag should be lined or fitted with brass studs to protect it
  • The hardware used must be of high quality (clasps, press studs, zips)
  • The seams around the different pockets


Obviously, a retro backpack must be practical. Even if the tote remains an option, it must be admitted that a well-compartmentalized bag will delight any traveler who likes a minimum of organization.

As for the pockets, travelers will prefer those on the outside, in order to quickly and easily enter passports and boarding passes.

The interior spaces and the numerous storage spaces for pens, smartphones, tablets and computers are also very significant.


A vintage backpack doesn't mean an uncomfortable bag. Most comfortable bags will have foam or honeycomb reinforced shoulder straps.

The straps should also be adjustable and the bag harmoniously structured, to ensure balance and optimal comfort.


A vintage backpack to go for a sports session or to go to Kathmandu, you will understand, it is not necessarily the same.

Also, it will be appropriate either to choose a bag for each of your activities or to opt for a versatile model. We have selected for you models adapted to different situations

City backpack

travel backpack

photography backpack

Let us inspire you for your next trip!

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