Discover the essential accessory to enjoy a perfect day at the beach: The Decathlon beach towel. Made of microfiber, this plush towel will keep you comfortable and sand-free while soaking up the sun! This piece is an absolute must-have for all your seaside adventures, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the excursion on the sandy shores.

No more chills in the cold after swimming!

Decathlon's teams of experts have come together to offer you the perfect microfiber beach towel. This accessory is designed with excellent water absorption, so your body will be dry and warm as quickly as possible, no matter how long you spend by the sea - on top of that, it also offers a great comfort!

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A beach vacation means sun, sand, and most importantly, essential gear.

Decathlon's compact and colorful beach towels are available in different sizes to provide you with maximum comfort during your stay. So that all our customers can make the most of their summer days by the sea, don't forget to pack a few other essentials such as caps and sunglasses !

At the campsite, on a road trip in a motorhome or van, when it's time for showers (perhaps with the decathlon heated camping shower ?), the beach towel also often becomes a bath towel, in which case, choose one a good absorbent.

And for those who prefer not to have cold toes: buy an additional USB foot warmer, which comes with a user manual; the ideal warmth companion for any getaway!

Unfortunately there is no decathlon anti-sand beach mat yet.

As you know, decathlon offers a multitude of beach items, also to be discovered: decathlon beach dress, 200x200 decathlon beach mat,
decathlon foot towel, decathlon beach bag...

Everything you need to know about beach towels

  • What is 1 fouta?

A Fouta is a light Turkish cotton and/or linen towel. It is used as a beach towel, bath towel, sarong or throw. Foutas are known for their absorbency and softness. They are found in different sizes, colors, designs and patterns.

With its summer look, it will become an essential part of everyday life for many beachgoers. Thanks to its versatility, the Fouta is an essential accessory for the beach!

  • What is the right weight for a bath towel?

The weight of a bath towel is usually determined by its size and the material it is made of. In general, adult towels should weigh between 500 and 600 grams per square meter (GSM) for quick drying.

Towels heavier than 600 GSM are generally thicker and more absorbent, but may take longer to dry.

For childrenit is recommended to choose towels of about 450 GSM so that they dry quickly. The material of the Fouta is a light and breathable linen which weighs around 400 GSM.

It is therefore ideal for beach days because it will provide you with the comfort you need while drying relatively quickly. It can even be used as a summer blanket!

  • How to clean a beach towel?

It is important to wash your beach towel regularly as sand, salt water and other elements can degrade it over time. For starters, be sure to shake off all the sand before washing it off.

Then use a mild detergent on your machine's lowest setting. Avoid using bleach or fabric softener as this will damage the fibers of the towel.

After washing be sure to hang the towel up to dry. This will help maintain its shape and keep it looking great for longer. If possible, air drying is always the best option!

With proper care, your beach towel can last you many seasons of beach outings. Enjoy!

  • What is the difference between a bath towel and a bath sheet?

A towel is generally smaller and lighter than a bath sheet. Towels typically measure around 30 x 54 inches, while bath sheets can be much larger, up to 70 x 35 inches.

The extra size of the bath towel allows for drying off after a shower or snuggling up after a dip in the water.

Towels are usually made from lightweight materials like cotton and terry cloth, while bath sheets are usually thicker and more absorbent, like Turkish cotton or Egyptian cotton.

Both options are great for the beach, but the larger bath sheet provides extra coverage and makes it easier to drape over your body when relaxing on the sand.

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