Complete packing list for a long-distance hike

Complete packing list for a long-distance hike

Long-distance hiking is a very popular activity. It is also extremely varied: mountain trail, trek, jogging, trail running ... Long distance is defined as a journey of several days. Often, the participants go alone with their backpacks, leaving aside the caravans of hikers.

Preparation is the key to a successful hiking trip. And for those planning on hiking for several days, there's every reason to be on the safe side. Here we offer you a complete list of the luggage you should take with you when you leave.


Before you go on a trip, you should prepare a complete list of everything you are going to take with you. You also need to take into account the potential dangers you may encounter during your hike. It's also important to have a clear idea of ​​the route you're going to take, so you don't get lost. Having a plan can also help you save energy.

Hikers are always looking for the tool or the luggage that will allow them to move with more ease and safety . Most hikers take a complete inventory of what to pack with them, as it's important to know exactly what to pack. In an emergency, their favorite tool may be the most important item.

The best hiking clothes are those that are light, breathable, cover the body and head, are easy to take on and off, are suitable for the elements, and protect against insects and wildlife. You can find wearables for women and for men.

It's always important to check your backpack inventory before you go hiking, as some items may be missing or more needed than others. Since the duration of a hike can vary, the number of kilometers should not be relied upon.

Hikers traveling over multiple days should take extra warm clothes and blankets. The weight of your backpack should be evenly distributed, so you don't have to suffer more than necessary.

For shorter hikes, it is best to take light clothes and have them with you. You can store them in waterproof plastic bags to prevent them from getting dirty. When you have reached your destination or a campsite, they will be ready for use.

Complete Packing List For A Long Hike


  • 1 large backpack (65L) + rain cover
  • 1 lightweight hiking tent
  • 1 sleeping bag + sleeping bag liner (I use a heating bag sheet )
  • 1 floor mat or hammock
  • 1 inflatable mattress with integrated pump
  • 1 camping stove with saucepan , gas cartridge and matches
  • 1 set of plates and cups
  • 1 camping spoon
  • 1 pocket knife
  • 1 headlamp
  • 1 camel back style water system
  • 1 water filter
    I use pocket size which filters one litre/minute directly into my bottle.
  • 1 pair of walking sticks
  • A small trekking backpack

Complete Packing List For A Long Hike
  • 2 quick-dry trekking t-shirts
    1 for carrying, 1 for changing - you won't need more, no matter how long your hike.
  • 1 trekking pants
  • 1 fleece vest
  • 1 warm, padded jacket
    I always keep this one dry. It is also very useful for stuffing pillows.
  • 1 rain jacket
  • 1 pair of waterproof pants convertible into shorts
  • 1 pair of tights and an undershirt
    I wear the bottom under my waterproof pants on rainy days and sleep with it all on. I use merino wool base layers.
  • 1 pair of hiking shoes
    Be sure to put them on in advance to minimize the risk of blisters!
  • 1 pair of camping shoes
    I always pack light sneakers to change into. You can also take trekking sandals.
  • 2 Buffs (neck) + 1 pair of gloves
    I use one pad on my head or neck, and the other to create a pillow at night.
  • 4 pairs of socks
    2 for hiking; 1 for camp, 1 for bed, which I never wear outside and keep dry.
  • Panties + 2 sports bras
    The number of panties depends on the duration of my walk - no more than 5; I use 1 bra for hiking, 1 for camp.
  • 1 UV cap


Complete Packing List For A Long Hike

  • Maps + a small compass
    Especially when hiking without a guide and on a trail that is not well marked. Know how to use them!
  • Camera , spare batteries + SD cards
    I always hike with my Canon M3 - the image quality is great, but it's small and light!
  • A solid Power bank (external battery) to charge your devices
    If you're wild camping on your trip, you can also invest in a Solar Power Battery.
  • A few sheets of paper and a pen for notes
  • Waterproof pouches
    For storing your maps and guidebook, electronics and other items that need to be kept dry.
  • 1 roll of toilet paper + matches in a waterproof pouch
  • A sleeping mask.


Complete Packing List For A Long Hike

  • Biodegradable camping soap
    It is generally multipurpose - for body, hair, dishes and laundry.
  • Deodorant powder or balm
    It's not essential, but it's a luxury I'm willing to carry the extra weight for.
  • Hairbrush or comb
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
    I use an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.
  • Face wipes
    Especially when you're wild camping and don't have access to a shower.
  • Solar cream
    Insect repellent + tiger balm that really helps with the itching.
  • Tweezers, nail clippers and tick remover.
  • Spare hair ties (if you have long hair)
  • Hand sanitizer gel
  • 1 quick-dry travel towel
  • Tissues
  • A complete first aid kit and plenty of bandages for blisters.


  • Ibuprofen (painkiller and anti-inflammatory)
  • Bepanthen (wound healing)


Complete Packing List For A Long Hike

  • 2 freeze-dried meals per day
    If I can stock up on the way, I only take one for dinner and I take rolls, hummus, vegetables and fruit for lunch.
  • Homemade muesli mix with powdered coconut milk
    With the powdered milk mixed in, I can make my cereal with hot water and it still tastes great.
  • Trek bars
    I bring 1 or 2 a day. They are vegan and high in protein.
  • Nuts and dried fruits as snacks
  • A water bottle with whiskey (!!)
  • Sufficient coffee , tea and sugar

Have you ever done long distance hiking? Did I forget to mention any essential tools or equipment that are indispensable for you?

We'd love to hear your packing tips for long-distance hikes in the comments!

Let us inspire you for your next trip!

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