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Heated clothing: The essentials for a warm winter

Heated clothing: The essentials for a warm winter

Heated clothing is becoming more and more fashionable. Whatever your clothing style, you will be able to find all types of clothing with built-in heating systems to stay warm during this winter.

Heated systems are available in certain garments and accessories, such as gloves, shoes, hats, jackets and coats. There are many types of heated clothing that differ in the type of heating used. Most are equipped with a battery system or a rechargeable battery on a mains socket.

Heated clothing is ideal for winter sports such as skiing, hiking, horseback riding, boating, etc. The cold is no longer an obstacle to overcome during your outdoor outings in freezing weather. They can help keep your body heat in, which will keep you active and healthy throughout the day.

If you are interested in heated clothing, there are several models on the market. Here are some of the available options:

1- The heated jacket

Heated jackets

Queen in the category of heated clothing, the heated jacket is available in coats, jackets, parkas, down jackets, with or without sleeves.
There are several models available in the market. The most popular are:

2- Heated gloves

Heated gloves are a technological innovation that allows you to stay warm during the winter months. They first appeared a few years ago, but have had a real boom recently. Indeed, thanks to many technological and aesthetic developments, they have finally found their place in our daily lives and are used by several categories of people, and not just by bikers.

You too should test the heated gloves that will allow you to spend a winter with warm hands! Here is a selection:

3- Heated pants:

Heated pants are a garment that will be appreciated by those who work outdoors in winter or at night.
It can significantly increase your body heat when you are outdoors. In addition to keeping your legs warm, heated pants can also have a positive effect on your physical and mental balance. We chose these

4- The heated vest:

The heated vest is a very fine garment, which can be worn alone in mid-season, or on cool summer nights. In winter it will slip easily under a jacket or jacket.

Tip for the super chilly: It is quite possible to combine a vest and a heated jacket. Indeed the external batteries that we offer have at least 2 outputs, on which you can connect 2 different clothes. Be careful, however, to choose a battery with a capacity of at least 20,000 mAh.

5- Heated socks and insoles

Hard to feel warm when you have frozen feet, it's just the basics in reality. When you have warm feet, the heat rises and diffuses harmoniously throughout the body.

Today there are solutions to keep your feet warm when it's cold.

Heated socks are available in several models. The battery is located at calf level. They are becoming lighter and more efficient. The latest models are controlled via a remote control or an application.

The heated insoles are also a very good alternative to fight against cold feet. They also have a battery located under the heel, and a remote control. In general, they are cut with scissors to adjust to your shoe size. The heated area is located at the top of the arch of the foot and the toes.

there too, for the super chilly, it is quite possible to combine socks and heated insoles.

Note that the battery capacity of this type of equipment is lower, and therefore their autonomy is more limited in time.

6 - Other heated accessories and clothing

Heated Clothing: The Essentials For Passing A

Technical advances in heated clothing have contributed to the development of new, handy heated accessories.

The heating scarf:

a simple accessory but which, once tested, becomes just essential in winter. Having a warm neck changes everything.

The heated sleeping bag:

Campers and other trekking enthusiasts are not left out. The arrival this year of sleeping bags, bag sheets and heated floor mats, all connected to a single battery, radically changes the situation. As with heated jackets, the temperature can be adjusted with a simple touch of the finger or gradually reduced, once the desired temperature has been reached.

The hat and the heated balaclava:

No more frozen ears, thanks to the USB heated cap. A button on the side allows you to control the temperature. Only downside, for the moment a long wire that connects it to the external battery, unsightly and impractical

Heated shoes:

They are entering the world of heating, and as much to tell you that they were expected. Like padded boots, they have an integrated USB-rechargeable battery to keep your feet warm for hours.

Heated underwear:

Heated undershirts, heated tights or leggings, heated pajamas: Indoors or outdoors, enjoy the heat in direct contact with the skin. Very comfortable, the top and bottom can be connected to the same battery.

Sweaters, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Heated Shirts

As it improves, the heating technology based on carbon fiber extends to other garments and becomes casual. Perfect for hanging out at home or during mid-season, these clothes are often turned on for a few minutes to compensate for a cold snap, then turned off.

Heated Clothing: The Essentials For Passing A

In conclusion:

At a time when the price of energy has never been so high and when we are asked to lower our heating at home by 1 degree, the immoderate use of this type of clothing takes on its full sense.

We have many years of experience in the sale of jackets, down jackets, vests, gloves, socks and heated underwear.
We are in direct contact with the factories , and have forged close links with the manufacturers, which allows us to always be at the cutting edge of technology and to offer you the latest innovations .

Do not hesitate to contact us for any project you would like to implement on this subject.

Let us inspire you for your next trip!

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