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Heated sleeping bags: Reviews, prices, comparison

Heated sleeping bags: Reviews, prices, comparison

The cold is the number 1 enemy of campers, and it is not uncommon to come across freezing temperatures in winter. Whether you are tempted by your first winter stay or you are an experienced backpacker, it is imperative to be prepared to face the climatic conditions of mountainous regions.

The good news is that heated sleeping bags will allow you to lounge around without fear of freezing temperatures.

Rather than buying a classic sleeping bag and a bed warmer, here's how to opt for a model dedicated to this function, which will allow you to manage your temperature in complete freedom.

how to use a heated sleeping bag

What is a heated sleeping bag?

Unlike a conventional bed warmer, the heated sleeping bag is a real sleeping bag. The heating is done thanks to a battery placed in an external pocket or integrated in the bag.

The system is therefore more scalable in the long term, because the battery can also be used for other electronic devices such as a GPS, a smartphone, flashlights or a bedside lamp.

With this technology, it is therefore possible to have constant heat throughout the night.

when to use heated sleeping bag

When to use a heated sleeping bag?

The heated sleeping bag can be used in any season . It can be useful even in the summer to help keep you warm in your tent or house.

Indeed, the heated sleeping bag is a product that can be used outdoors or indoors.

Combined with a hammock , sleeping outdoors really becomes a fun and comfortable experience.

giant hammock

It is also useful to equip yourself with a heated sleeping bag when planning a hike in the mountains . Indeed, you could be cold if you do not prepare yourself properly.

Finally, during stays in motorhomes or caravans , on cool nights, so as not to turn on the heating unnecessarily.

Now let's get to practice!

camping car heated sleeping bags

How to choose your heated sleeping bag.

  • The weight :

When we trudge every kilo counts and it is not because the sleeping bag is heated which must necessarily be heavier! A bag of 1.5 to 2kg (excluding battery) seems to be a good compromise.

  • High quality materials:

For the outdoors, 210T polyester , tear-resistant, waterproof and breathable. Regarding the filling, it can be goose down, duck feather or synthetic wool.

  • The external battery:

To keep you warm all night long, you will need to opt for at least a 20,000 mAh battery . Be careful, it takes almost 4 hours to recharge it.

What is the price of a heated sleeping bag?

The price of a heated sleeping bag can vary depending on the model and brand. Prices range from 100€ to more than 1000€ for a high-end model. However, the more premium you buy, the more guaranteed you are of the highest quality and reliability.

The different types of heated sleeping bags

  • The classic heated sleeping bag

As the name suggests, this sleeping bag is quite ordinary in appearance. In its lining, on the other hand, are sewn carbon fiber plates, powered by a powerbank , which constitute the heating zones.

heated sleeping bag

  • The sarcophagus heated sleeping bag

It is a heated sleeping bag that completely encompasses the body , up to the top of the head. It is a bag that allows you to sleep, even in extreme conditions.

sarcophagus heated sleeping bag

  • The heating bag sheet

This is an ultra-thin heated sleeping bag, also known as a "meat bag". The advantage is that it slips just about anywhere. In a normal (or heated) sleeping bag, in the sheets of a bed or under a duvet. Very light, it is a very interesting solution due to its versatility.

heating bag sheet

  • The heated floor mat

It is a very popular accessory for campers and other bivouac enthusiasts. This ground sheet warms both the sleeping bags and the atmosphere in the tent. It is also welcome in the evening to sit on it.

heated floor mat

Conclusion :

Heated sleeping bags are revolutionizing the way of camping in the great outdoors. Hikers and trekking fans can count on technology to provide them with much appreciated comfort after a long day of effort.

heated accessories for camping

Here is a selection of heated items to accompany you camping

Let us inspire you for your next trip!

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