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How to choose your heated vest?

How to choose your heated vest?

Today the heated vests have invaded the guards of both Madame and Monsieur.

These heated garments are discreet , light , and truly effective.

They can be worn alone or under another jacket or coat.

Electric heated vests are also very popular because they are so effective in relieving everyday pain , joints and muscles.

Powered by an external battery, they can keep you warm for several hours. But how do you choose the model best suited to your needs?

How to choose your heated vest?

how to choose your heated vest

The size

It is very important when buying a heated vest to take a good look at the European size equivalences.
Often made in Asia, heated vests run small. We generally recommend choosing 2 sizes larger than what you usually wear

The cut and the design

Close-fitting or loose, long-sleeved or short-sleeved? There are several models and styles of heated vests. Some are V-neck, practical for example to slip under a dry diving suit.
Others have a heated collar, very useful when it's windy.

heated vest for diving


Are there additional functions such as the possibility of adjusting the temperature? Yes, for some models, the main button allows you to adjust 3 positions: low temperature 25°, medium temperature 35° and high temperature 45°.

heated spandex vest

The number of heating zones

Basic vests have a large heating zone in the back. The most recent have up to 7 heating zones, with the possibility of choosing precisely the parts of the body to be heated.

The material

Long-sleeved heated vests are often made of fleece, which is light and soft to the touch.
Short-sleeved heated vests are more often made from spandex or softshell, a light material that is also light but more elastic, to be worn closer to the body and thus prevent any loss of heat.

heated vest for skiing

Our selection of the best heated vests

Let us inspire you for your next trip!

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