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Tips and tricks for cleaning and maintaining a baseball cap?

Tips and tricks for cleaning and maintaining a baseball cap?

The baseball cap is a special object, which has a very special history. He is one of the strongest symbols in the American sports universe.

Many collect them and for old caps with cardboard visors, admittedly increasingly rare, you should choose your method of maintenance carefully.

In general, we recommend that you rely on the maintenance instructions recommended by the manufacturer.

The process of washing a cap is very simple and only takes a few minutes. You can use a washing machine to wash your cap, or you can fill a large bowl with soapy water and put the cap in there to wash it by hand.

Hand washing is the easiest way, but it is also very energy-efficient. Otherwise, you can also use a washing machine for your cap.

When washing a baseball cap by hand, be sure to use warm soapy water and add a little hair shampoo. You can also use clothing care products that are specifically designed for caps.

What products should I use to wash a baseball cap?

For regular or in-depth maintenance of your cap, we recommend that you bring a soft toothbrush and a white cloth to apply the following products:

  1. Powder or liquid laundry detergent
    For waterproof caps that do not bleed.

  2. Unbleached soapy water
    Valid for all caps.

  3. White vinegar
    Valid for all caps.

  4. Baking soda
    Valid for all caps.

  5. Hydrogen peroxide also called hydrogen peroxide
    Valid for all white caps.

  6. Enzymatic treatment
    Valid for all white caps.

woman baseball cap

4 tips for cleaning your favorite cap

1. Hand washing

For this type of washing you will have the choice between non-bleached soapy water , white vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and enzymatic treatment.

You will also need to make sure that your cap is waterproof and does not discolor in water. For wool or leather caps, refer to the chapter below.

The idea is to soak the cap to soak it well in the chosen solution, then either using a soft toothbrush or a white cloth, rub the stained parts.

2. The dishwasher and its upper basket to remove sweat stains: good or bad idea?

So for this type of neo-futuristic washing, there are 2 schools: The pros and cons!

On the cons side, we will note the respect of the cardboard visor which will not withstand the humidity of the dishwasher. To this must be added the risk of deformation of your beloved headgear. These arguments are quite respectable, but on the condition of having inherited the cap from his grandfather base baller pro, or of being a collector of old caps.

For the rest, ie 99% of cap wearers, you can go there!
You will surely even get a spectacular result.

Of course, don't forget to empty the dishwasher beforehand, or even run it on an "empty" cycle, to get rid of any leftover food or detergent.

Program the coldest possible cycle according to your machine , and put your cap on the upper basket.

Leave to dry in the open air, without direct exposure to the sun, and your perspiration stains will disappear.

3. Cleaning cap stains with washing machine

Again, provide a cold wash, or as low as possible depending on your equipment. No spinning and even less drying

4. Cap dry cleaning

For difficult perspiration stains, on delicate materials such as wool and cashmere, as they do not tolerate friction well.

After each cleaning, it is imperative to rinse well with fresh water and make sure that no trace appears on the cap

For a thorough cleaning of your cap

Soak your cap for 20 to 30 minutes in lukewarm water, in which you will have incorporated the solution of your choice, mentioned above.

Men's baseball cap

Some tips to prevent excessive sweating

Cap waterproofing spray

It allows you to insulate your cap from the rain but also especially in this case, from perspiration. This will avoid stains on your favorite snapback.

The Cap Lining.

Looks like a Bandana. A fine fabric that slips between the head and the cap. Perfect for absorbing moisture and preserving your cap.

Antiperspirant face and forehead spray

There are sprays, such as antiperspirant deodorants, which block or at least delay perspiration. Even if their effectiveness remains to be demonstrated over a day, they at least have the merit of existing and of being useful during short outings.

Reduce sweating

Haha, she's really good that one! Well yes, you have to eat healthier, do more sport, reduce your weight, increase your cardio, In short, being in good physical shape drastically reduces your sweating. What ? ... You do not know ? We never told you!

6 basic tips to avoid ruining your cap during the first wash

  1. Follow the manufacturer's recommended washing instructions.
  2. Do not use detergents containing bleach.
  3. Wash his cap alone, without any other clothes.
  4. Never put your cap in the dryer!
  5. Do not put your cap in the dishwasher with dirty dishes.
  6. Do not air-dry your cap in direct sunlight.

how to wash your cap

Where to buy baseball caps?

There are a significant number of online stores that sell baseball caps. You can buy a baseball cap at a local store or at a specialty store . You can also find baseball caps at many sporting goods stores, especially stores that sell adult sporting goods.

There are also several clothing and accessories stores that sell baseball caps and other hats , including Passion Coast, of which here is an overview of our collection.

Let us inspire you for your next trip!

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