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Travel for less: 8 golden rules to pay less for your activities

Travel for less: 8 golden rules to pay less for your activities

Don't be the pigeon that pays more than the others

We all love to travel. This represents for many the much-deserved rest after several months of hard work. It is during the holidays that we can discover new horizons and go on an adventure or rediscover the pleasures of a place that we really liked.

It is also the period when you can give time to your family, your other half and yourself... In short, travel is the ideal time to embark on activities of all kinds, alone or accompanied.

The practice of activities during the holidays often has a price. The last thing you want is to spend all your savings on these. However, it is impossible to do without them, because they are the ones that add spice to the stay, they are also the ones that create unforgettable memories.

Hence the question: is it possible to save money on holiday activities? The answer is very simple and can be summed up in one word: yes. But let's not stop there! Here are the 8 golden rules to pay less for your activities.

1— Go to the tourist office

The tourist offices are committed to providing accurate and verified information. This may concern a particular destination, the search for accommodation, restaurants... and the leisure activities available once there.

Travel Cheaper: 8 Golden Rules for Paying Less

This is how, with all the information in hand (price, type of activity, etc.), you can make the right decisions about which activities you want to do and which ones you are less interested in.

In addition, it gives you the opportunity to plan your route. It goes without saying that you are guaranteed to make the most of your stay.

The other missions of a tourist office are to introduce travelers to the wonders and riches of a territory. To this end, this body advises objectively and highlights the local identity of the place to be visited.

The tourist office in your department can also offer and organize guided tours. For this purpose, single tariffs are offered.


2— Take advantage of organized tours for free

It is often thought that for a successful stay, you must have paid activities such as diving, paragliding, etc.

However, the truth is that one can take pleasure as soon as the activity carried out is pleasant. “It doesn't take much to be happy” as a famous bear puts it. And then, that's exactly what you need to travel cheaper.

Travel Cheaper: 8 Golden Rules for Paying Less

In cities that have a certain tourist aspect, there are regularly organized tours. These are free and allow you to learn more about the city visited and its inhabitants.

The nearest tourist office can inform you about this. In addition to the place, he will give you the date and time to attend the organized tour for free.

In principle, the guide who shows you around the center of the city is a volunteer. However, he is often remunerated by the tips he receives. It is also possible that it offers paid tours to tourists to discover other places in the city, or even outside it.

Note that you are not subject to any obligation on these subjects. You can simply enjoy the free city tour.

Otherwise, you can go around the city on your own. Discussing, exchanging and meeting locals or other tourists can be very rewarding.

Among other things, they can tell you the place of monuments, the best place to observe the panorama of the city, where to discover incredible landscapes... Who knows maybe you will even make new friends.

3 – Visit free monuments/Free admission to museums

Did you know that there is a way to enter museums for free? This is particularly the case in Berlin with the Museum Pass card. The holder of this can access different museums such as the old national gallery in Berlin, the Bode museum, the old museum, the Pergamon museum, the Hamburger Bahnhof museum, etc. The Berlin Museum Pass is valid for three consecutive days.

Travel Cheaper: 8 Golden Rules for Paying Less

Note however that this precious sesame has its price 29 € (14.50 € for children, students and unemployed). This is still more interesting than having to pay each entry to a museum. The economy is felt after visiting two or three museums. Furthermore, the cards can be activated independently.

Ask your tourist office to find out if this type of card is offered in your destination. It will also tell you about visiting free museums and let you know if children's admission is free or not.

In the event that visiting museums is not free and you want to pay less for your travel activities, there is still an alternative. It is a question of preferring the visit of the free monuments. Once again, it is the tourist office that can inform you about this.

4- Visit paid monuments on the day they are free

If like many, you think paid monuments have a "plus" compared to free ones, don't panic. Check whether free visit days are planned during your stay.

Travel Cheaper: 8 Golden Rules for Paying Less

Parisians know this concept very well with the Arc de Triomphe, the Sainte-Chapelle, the Panthéon and the Conciergerie, the visit of which is free every first Sunday of each month. This is also the case in Valencia in Spain where on Sundays, there is no need to touch your wallet to visit the monuments.

It is not unlikely that this type of information will be kept secret. Otherwise, the return of money would be rare... To find this kind of plans that help to save money on travel activities, you have to contact the locals.

Also remember to check the website or Facebook page of the city or region you are visiting. You will often find last-minute or exclusive offers poorly referenced on search engines.

5 – Take advantage of a discount

Discounts are another way to pay less for your vacation activities. They are usually granted to people under 26, students and job seekers. Of course, to benefit from it, you must be able to provide proof of your situation.

Travel Cheaper: 8 Golden Rules for Paying Less

Sites like or also allow you to take advantage of attractive discounts. Our advice, find interesting activities on sites like (Excellent site for extreme activities) then contact the structure or the organizer directly to benefit from the best price!

6— Group up!

Traveling alone is not recommended for those who want to travel cheaper while saving on activities. Indeed, most monuments offer discounts to groups wishing to visit them.

Travel Cheaper: 8 Golden Rules for Paying Less

In the event that you are traveling alone or as a couple, you can form a group with other tourists. Otherwise, post announcements on forums or social media groups in the city where you are. With good organization, you will find around ten people interested in tours and discounts.

7— Use your travel blog and your popularity on the networks to enter for free!

If you have a travel blog followed by a number of followers, good news awaits you. Use it as an argument to visit a monument that interests you for free. In exchange, promise the manager to talk about the place in your blog and on social networks. A series of stories on an Instagram or Snapchat account followed by several hundred or even thousands of people is well worth the price of one (or more) entry tickets

Travel Cheaper: 8 Golden Rules for Paying Less

Note that this does not work every time, but it has a good chance of success in cities that are still not very popular with tourists. In any case, you won't know if this trick will save you money for activities unless you try it.

8— Free guides

This last and ultimate golden rule to pay less for your activities is somewhat misleading due to its "free" character. There are indeed guides in the big cities that offer to visit the city for free.

Travel Cheaper: 8 Golden Rules for Paying Less

What you should know is that this service is not completely free! The rule is that you tip the guide, that's how he gets paid.

Be aware, however, that the tip is lower than the price of traditional guides. You can easily save up to ten euros. In addition, the quality of the visit is often there.

Adventure is dangerous, but routine is deadly!

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