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Winter sports: but who still goes skiing?

Winter sports: but who still goes skiing?

Is skiing really a sport for the rich? That's what we're going to see.

We're not going to lie to each other: skiing is expensive. If the prices vary according to the resorts, it would still be necessary to count, on average, 900 € per person for a week in the Alps in February. A substantial budget which explains why only 8% of French people go skiing at least once every two years, according to the Inequality Observatory . And for the 2019 season, they would be 10% to declare going there, according to a study commissioned by the Loisirs Enchères website .

Why so few people? It's simple. For 29% of French people, the price of packages is too high. For 43% of them, the price of accommodation is the problem. Finally, 52% of those questioned believe that activities in the mountains are too expensive. In short, it is the budget that is lacking. And it is true that in skiing, everything costs more than elsewhere. Between rental, ski pass, transport and food, your budget can quickly explode. And not to mention the courses for your children who dream of obtaining their first star. This is why 40% of French people have simply never set foot on skis.

France, the cheapest country in the world to ski

Moreover, only 1/3 of French people go on vacation in winter, reports the Observatory of Inequalities. We find, among them, 40% of executives, 31% of households earning more than €3,100 per month and 33% of higher education graduates. Yes, because in addition to the financial means, you must have enough leave to be able to go to the mountains. The problem is that the majority of French people have exhausted them between the summer holidays and those of Christmas.

If skiing is a sport reserved for those who can afford it, it should be noted that France is the cheapest country in the world. Indeed, according to the Observatory of ski areas in France , a ski holiday would be, for example, 11% cheaper than in Austria and 17% cheaper than in Switzerland. So why not save and enjoy just once? If the idea appeals to you, don't hesitate to discover all our ski tips by clicking here !

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